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What The Similarities Engine - "Original" Version used to look like

"The Web-based Music Recommending System"

By David Whiteis

This system recommended music for you to try, after you typed in the names of your favorite recordings.

Over 17,800 people all over the world were sent result email files from this original version of the system.

You used this system by filling in ALL 13 of the blank fields on the bottom of this form (keep reading and scrolling down), then clicking on [Send It].

You just entered the name of the five CDs (musical recordings) that are your current favorites. Within a short period of time, (but sometimes two or three days later), you received your results as an email message. The email message was a list of recordings that the system predicted you will also enjoy.

Your Name:

Email address:

City, State, Country:

Artist/Band 1:
(You do know that this doesn't work anymore, don't you?)
Record Name 1:

Artist/Band 2:
Record Name 2:

Artist/Band 3:
Record Name 3:

Artist/Band 4:
Record Name 4:

Artist/Band 5:
Record Name 5:

So, you clicked on [Send It] above, and then after a day or two you got an email that had your results.

Here are a couple of example results emails:
(It's from real input data, it's just not YOUR input data.)

Results from my 5 of my favorite CDs.
Results from my 5 favorite Indigo Girls CDs.