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Responses from users of The Similarities Engine

These are some of the best responses we have received, your mileage may vary.

Great system! It is getting better all the time too. I have already gotten into one band that I had never even heard of before.
- Doug
This is how you helped me: I took my answer list to my usual CD store. There, I listened to what your Engine suggested and I went back home with NINE new cds.
- Patrick
I bought two of the recommendations - and LOVE them! Thanks, David!
- Melissa
Someone claiming to be Howard Stern tried out the system and said they loved it.

This is great!! There is nothing worse than spending $15 or $20 on a CD only to realize that you only like one song on it. I definitely know where to look when making future music purchases!
- Michelle
I like the SE very much. It's pretty cool and interesting. I bought one of the recommended CDs (I never knew the CD and never have thought to buy it). I am listening to the CD almost everyday!
- Akio
I put in a variety of favorite CD's and the list I received contained most of the CD's my friends and I have. The other recomendations are great and I look forward to getting them.
- Michael B
The system is fantastic. I've already bought two CD's because of it. Thanks dudes!!!
- Amir
Rodney Dangerfield has not even visited once as far as I know.

Great job on the Similarities Engine!! I already had five of the top ten albums, and have taken your advice and previewed some of the other five, and I liked what I heard!
- Fran
The author of the controversial computer security program SATAN tried the system, (I don't know if he was able to break in!)

I was introduced to the Similarities Engine by a friend, and have fallen in love with it after one use! Like most people, I already own some of the suggested albums; but the Engine has given me some ideas of what to try at the local listening bar. It's comforting knowing that the WWW does offer some useful tools.
- Gooch
An excellent service, and a lot of spot on results. My top suggestion introduced me to a great artist. Thanks.
- John
This is an awesome idea. It's a great way to find out about new bands! Takes some of the randomness out of CD shopping.
- Gord P.
The folks in alt.music.reggae are hoping more Reggae fans will use the system.

After my first entry, due to the overwhelming result, I went out and bought the album, and I was very happy.
- Markus L.
My Dad likes getting email about MS Flight Simulator.

Thanks for the output, it was great. I will probably try it some time when I have a birthday present to buy for a friend. Nothing like automated decision making.
- Benjamin R.
I had a go on your Similarities Engine, and I must admit I'm jolly impressed. Among the albums it came back with were many that I already have and enjoy. I was surprised to see a suggestion weighted at 212 for an artist I have I'd never heard of. Ignoring the nagging suspicion that this was all some sort of conspiracy on the part of the artist's record company, I went out and bought the album. It was well worth it, thank you.
- James B.
Yes, I tried out a recommendation from a relatively obscure band and yes, I loved it! The SE was right on!
- Min-Han