Our Web Sites
Hi. I'm David Whiteis, and I'd like to welcome you to my personal web site. I'm an American inventor with a number of issued and pending patents, including one issued patent that I sold to a subsidiary of Microsoft. This is what you will find on this web site:

  • My RingMachine Invention

    Check out my page on my invention called the RingMachine, which is a toy that creates bubble rings underwater.

  • Links to my other web sites, including sites that my wife and I have created together. I have a page where I talk about The Similarities Engine, a technology and patent that I sold to the Microsoft Corporation a while back.

  • Here's a fun little movie that my son and I put together: David & Jake's Rokenbok Movie.

  • A "Professional" section, where I used to have work related stuff, but I took it down for now.

  • A "Personal" section, with a mix of stuff.